Austell Georgia News In Brief

If you are looking for news on Austell Georgia, you would be interested to know that there is one weird incident that happened there a few days ago. And it’s all thanks to snow, you know, real snow.

The Six Flags amusement park branch in Georgia had organized a snowball fight event that featured fake snow because, well, this is Georgia, and it’s a small mini miracle to have natural snow fall.

But this small mini miracle actually happened and the fake snow event had to be cancelled. Moderately falling snow wouldn’t have been a problem, however, the snow fall was heavier than expected.

Participants of the event would have dealt with two snowfalls – the real and the fake – had it not been for the quick and rapid decision handed down by the management of Six Flags.

Fortunately, the snow in Austell wasn’t heavy enough to be considered dangerous by the authorities.

Aside from the cancellation of the snowball fight, there are a few news stories on Austell, but they are really minor incidents that have no shock value. In other words, they shouldn’t have been published.

In any case, no matter if there’s good or bad news or no news at all, the city of Austell is a good one. And you will find that the people who live there are actually happy to be there. Most of it can be attributed to the relative peace and quiet. And there is also the matter of community.

Unlike in other places in the United States, you will find that the people in the area still cared about each other and watched each other’s backs.

Are you thinking of moving to Austell? You can and should. You will find more comprehensive information on the place by doing a Google search.

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